My last blogpost

Okay, so I'm on an American keyboard so I'm just gonna write in English. It still doesn't feel like I'm leaving tomorrow so I'm actually doing pretty good. And now when I saw my dear mommy had made a welcome-home party for me on Wednesday I got pretty excited.
  I have shifted so much about going home and not, emotionally. Right now I'm actually somewhat excited. And I AM excited to see all of you in Finland. Not so excited about leaving my second life here with all the people, food, memories, traditions and stuff.
  This year has been amazing. I am so happy that I'm able to say that because I've for sure had moments where I haven't thought it has been amazing. I'm so happy I did this, for so many reasons. This will benefit me for the rest of my life, really. I'm so thankful for all what I've learned, all the friends I've made, all the chanses I've taken and yeah, everything. Now I'll come home and I have no clue how dramatic or undramatic it'll be. I'm for sure a whole lot more American and I hope I can maintain that side of me somewhat in Finland.
  Thanks mum & dad, I'm so happy for all the support, love you!
Okay, now I got emotional, better stop here. Now I'm gonna have a last get-together with my friends and enjoy every minute of it!
See you all soon!
Love, Karolina


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